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Brosur acara pratonton dan sidang media 'Primadona... Perahu Mimpi' pada 20 Disember 2010.

Kutipan siaran akhbar tentang pratonton teater amal 'Primadona... Perahu Mimpi' diambil secara langsung dan penuh dalam laman web NST seperti paparan di bawah; dalam akhbar NST hari ini (28 Disember 2010) tersiar dalam ruangan Johor Streets (halam S6 dan S7) juga terkandung tiga foto menarik termasuk foto pelakon Anne Ngasri.

Inspiring tale of a troubled heroine

2010/12/28 - By Ahmad Fairuz Othman

THE setting is a halfway house for toubled women, and the time is the distant past. The play Primadonna... Perahu Mimpi (Primadonna, the vessel of dreams), which combines dance and poetry, will be staged at the Dewan Sultan Iskandar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia from Jan 28-30.
Proceeds from the sales of tickets will go to the Nusajaya Community-based Rehabilitation Centre, which provides training for the disabled.

The play, a collaboration with Grup Inspirasi Unik, is under the patronage of Nusajaya state assemblyman Datuk Abd Aziz Sapian. Siblings Anne and Bell Ngasri are among the cast and crew of 70 in the charity play. It is directed by Zamri Pangat with a story by playwright Rahimah Muda.
Rahimah said the central character, Dian (Anne Ngasri), is a troubled heroine who is slowly trying to get over a traumatic past.
With the help of the halfway house's caretaker Donna (Noraziayati Abu Bakar), she experiences pain and suffering during her healing process.
Rahimah said: "The central character of Donna has a universal appeal as she is the type of person who defends other people's rights.
"She may be a primadonna, but her true character is the opposite of that.
"The other character, Dian, is more fragile as she is traumatised after being a victim of rape," she added.
"Dian's character is also affected by another, Aduna, who is played by Anne's brother Bell Ngasri.
"Both Dian and Aduna were previously married and their characters have a lot of background story," said Rahimah during the play's preview at the Diva karaoke outlet in Giant Southern City, Johor Baru on Dec 20.
The cast presented a short dance and dramatic scene from the play. Present during the preview were Johor Culture and Arts Department director Abdul Hamid Mohamad and Johor Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) language planning officer Rusdi Abdul Rahman.
Anne said the setting of the play was similar to a pusat serenti or rehabilitation centre, in which every inmate is troubled in one way or another.
"My character is among the many inmates in the rehabilitation centre who seek help from the Primadonna to improve themselves.
"I have been rehearsing for the past month, and I find the play very interesting as there is music, dance and acting."
Anne, whose parents are Johorean, is popular for her television drama roles. She said it was her second time acting in theatre. Unlike her previous roles, she gets to perform a dance.
"Being an actor on stage is different from being on television as one gets an immediate response from the audience. Whatever a stage actor feels from the audience, he or she would interpret it on stage.
Primadonna...Perahu Mimpi will be staged at 8.30pm on Jan 28 and 29 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM.
There is a matinee show at 3pm and later at 8.45pm on Jan 30 at the same venue.
Tickets are priced at RM100, RM50, and RM20. For reservations, call Suraya at 012-734 2665 or Joe at 019-788 7781.

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2. Maaf RAR tidak boleh terjemah kesemua tulisan ini kerana hak milik NST tapi RAR boleh terjemahkan sikit sahaja iaitu rangkap "Present during the preview were Johor Culture and Arts Department director Abdul Hamid Mohamad and Johor Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) language planning officer Rusdi Abdul Rahman." (Abdul Hamid Mohamad, Pengarah Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara, Johor dan Rusdi Abdul Rahman, Pegawai DBP Johor hadir sama dalam pratonton ini.) Hehehe....
Sekian, terima kasih.

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